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Marché Photo for a New Year

Marché Photo | egg & dart

Hello! Two thousand and thirteen is gradually making itself at home in our little corner of Paris and I feel the same mix of excitement for the fresh start and bafflement that it could cruise along to almost mid-January already that I’m sure everyone is feeling. So many ideas and thoughts are spinning around and I’m hoping to be able to grab onto as many as I can and love every minute of this year. The end of twenty twelve throw me for a loop with two big jobs that I pushed everything else aside to focus on. It carried through the holidays and left me feeling frustrated to not be able to really soak up the season but I wrapped up that chapter last week and now I can come back to this space and work on a better plan to keep my momentum through both busy and slow. I’ve missed it here!

So where better to start than the marché? This past weekend was our second trip there of the new year and almost all the stands are back in their reserved spots, a full landscape after the previous weeks’ patchy scene of empty spaces where sellers were on vacation. The new year is fully here.

We’ve been a bit obsessed with Brussels sprouts and they have been popping up in almost all of our weekend warm salads for lunches. At the marché, they often top up the brown paper bag of sprouts with a bit more than you asked for. “C’est trop?” Too much? they ask. “Non.” we say, Anyway, it won’t go to waste! Things really aren’t that different in the winter than they are in the summer, it turns out.

– Arianne apples

– salmon

– potimarron / red kuri squash

– orange, yellow, and purple carrots

– a little lemon

– radicchio

– celery

– pears

– leeks

– endives

-Brussels sprouts

– green cabbage

– parsely

– arugula

– thyme

– sage

– potatoes

– farmhouse bread

Which will be used for:

Cabbage & Vegetable Soup with Parmesan toasts – Salmon with Soba Noodles and Mirin Dressing – Potimarron, Pancetta, and Sage Risotto


Winter in Belgium | egg & dart

Winter in Belgium | egg & dart

And just a couple little glimpses of Belgium in the winter. We did manage to escape Paris for a short holiday with family in Belgium. I had to bring my work with me but one short walk through the garden was, of course, an obligation. My Maine heart can never get over the vivid green of winter in the middle of Europe!




Weekend Walk

We had a nice long weekend (but we want another!): Thursday through Sunday. Thursday morning, we bundled the Bug into his carrier and the three of us headed to Orléans for an escape. We managed to pack quite a bit into the four days including a viewing of Skyfall (oh how I love this film), a visit to a chateau I’ve always wanted to see, and a quick sunset walk near the Loire. I’ll share my pictures from the chateau later in the week but for now I wanted to show you a bit of what we saw on our walk.

Living in the city, I miss the amazing beauty of abundant and wild nature and found myself strangling behind on the path to breath it in, listen to the grasses and leaves, wish them goodnight, be stunned by their secrets. It must be the time of year, when there seems to be more dark than sunlight in a day, that I am being drawn more and more to those quiet moments, just before the light disappears completely, when all those grasses, leaves, trees, and vines are spilling with silent magic.

Have you ever noticed? See how flowers hold the light in there centers for a few more moments after the light is gone. Magic.

happy Monday.