Things are getting spooky in here! At least, that’s what Albert is saying (I think).

It’s been an up-and-down week with my father having unexpected emergency surgery yesterday across the ocean. Stressful. We are so grateful that it went very well and soon we can look forward to the recovery stage. And thankful for technology that let’s me send pictures and talk with my family as if there was no distance between us at all! Thankful even before November. So, if you have any spare prayers/thoughts/good vibes, could you send them his way?

But that’s not the spooky bit! Relieved and finally rested this morning, I decided it was high time to dig out the Halloween decorations. I love this holiday and it sadly hasn’t caught on in France, really, but I decorate anyway! I have something I’ve brought from the states but mostly, I just try and get creative with what we have around.

We are almost never at home for the 31st because it falls during a national holiday week but we’ll have a few days to enjoy it and, anyway, it was great therapy this morning! So I don’t have a loving list for you as I’m sure you’ll understand, my mind was elsewhere. But here is a glimpse at the spook-i-fication of our little chez nous.

Now I’m off to make chicken soup for my sick husband (when it rains…).

Happy Weekend!



* I can’t say the word spooky without jazz-singing it à la one of my favorite movies. Do you know which one it comes from? Guess!