I am Abigail, a stylist and photographer specializing in food, decor, and arts de vivre.

I am a girl from Maine married to Romain from Orléans (the old one) and living with our little love Élie and fur-ball Albert near Paris.

My heart beats faster when I see a new recipe, my Maine ocean, or beautiful design and my breath is taken away by wild spaces, the dimming of the lights before a movie, and good hearts.

> Where did this start? <

I grew up with the Atlantic in my backyard (literally!) on the coast of Maine. The savage beauty of the coast of Maine seeps into your soul as luckily it did mine. Between the land and my creative parents I was given lots of room to dream among the historic houses my father curated, his piles of wallpaper samples and rolls of textiles for his design work, and my mother’s inherit sense of making home a place of tiny magic moments and sweet things on the table. Those things built my belief today that life is too short not to make it beautiful.

> Why egg & dart? <

Egg and dart is a classic style of moulding, like this design (see the egg and the dart?):

I grew up with an interior designer father who was also a historical museum curator. Our house was full of fabric rolls and wallpaper samples and I spent many hours scampering through historical buildings. From my mother I inherited artistic curiosity and a love of make things with my own hands, including what was on my plate. I’ve always liked the name of this moulding profile and it incorporates two of my great loves, food and decor and comes right from my childhood. So, it seemed just right.



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