Friday Postcard

Friday Postcard

Belgian garden path | egg & dart blog

We are roasting in Paris today, it is supposed to get up to 91°F. Not at all this Mainer’s cup of (iced) tea. And maybe for that reason the internet is cutting in and out (mostly out) every few minutes making my loving list plans impossible. So let’s take it easy today and let Newton up there lead us into the garden for the weekend, ok? I thought you might find that a good plan.

I seem to always have around-the-apartment projects on my weekend list but I also have knitting on there this weekend. This past week I managed to finish a knit that I’ve had hanging around for three years and that means I can justify starting something new! What do you have on your weekend list?




One thought on “Friday Postcard

  1. John LaBranche says:

    …not gone yet! feel for you sweetheart!!! but this photo says coolness, peacefulness, garden-pretty!…and memories of course!love & kisses, mama/b. 🙂 XXXOOO

    Date: Fri, 5 Jun 2015 13:29:36 +0000 To:

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