Friday Postcard

Friday Postcard

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It’s a sunny, warm Friday here and another week has melted into a long holiday weekend here in France (three in the month of May!). I’m feeling buoyed by a clear head and small victories (and the pieces of sweet strawberries Élie is feeding me) after a number of false starts yesterday. Choosing joy today! And so I’m looking forward to trying out a simple pickled radish recipe with these radishes this weekend, as you may have seen on instagram already. I anticipate pickled radishes on everything for a while!

So I’m wishing you a good Friday and a lovely weekend. What will you be up to?




One thought on “Friday Postcard

  1. John LaBranche says:

    Good for you, Sweetheart!!! Kisses lots for Elie – sweet!We are finishing our breakfast and I’m hoping to get us out to the cemetery to plants the pots at Memere & Pepere…”on-e-var!” (I could only do it phonetically 😦 )love & kisses, those radishes look good , ‘spicy?’mama/b. & dadXXXOOO

    Date: Fri, 22 May 2015 13:59:47 +0000 To:

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