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Brocante finds | egg & dart blog

We’re home! It was a lovely week of vacation but it is always nice to be home, isn’t it?

Capping off the week of family visiting with a few days at R’s mother’s house, we made the customary Saturday morning trip to the brocante (French flea market) in Orleans. It’s my favorite. For a couple of reasons: the prices are much lower than in Paris, there is more space to move around, the people are nicer (in general). But the best reason is that we never, ever walk away empty handed. Here’s what I found on this trip.

I’ve been on a frame kick lately, picking up any vintage frames I like, even if I don’t have a piece of art in mind for them. Like the ones I found this week, above, they are all pretty unique and if they have some wear on them that tells their story, all the better! But what they have in common is their colors (naturals, metallics, black) and styles (most are very simple profiles). This means I can mix them anywhere in our home and not only will they all relate to each other, they can help pull a disparate collection of images and art into a cohesive one.

Brocante finds | egg & dart blog

This tiny wooden frame is a fairly common and classic style found in the brocantes. It will be so sweet for framing a dried flower maybe or a special ticket stub.

Brocante finds | egg & dart blogBrocante finds | egg & dart blog

The find I was most excited about is this plate from a vintage animal book. The printing is lovely with crisp raised lines for the fur and the colors were applied by hand. I especially love the spots on the jaguar and the lynx’s blue eyes! The seller is one of our favorites and she had a whole pile of plates from this same book of all different sorts of mammals. It was difficult to pick just one.

Brocante finds | egg & dart blog

This is for Élie and as it happened, the middle frame is perfect for it! I can’t wait to find the right spot in his room.

Brocante finds | egg & dart blog

Brocante finds | egg & dart blog

Two of these goodies, the blue enamel bowl and the wooden paddle (originally used for beating the laundry clean) will be props for photos but who am I kidding? I use all those props in the everyday too! And I don’t think you can have enough unique little vases for wildflowers, right? This little Sèvres one is a celadon green with darker green splatters at the bottom.

How was your weekend?




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