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The Day the Tomatoes Came Back

The First Tomatoes | egg & dart blog

The First Tomatoes | egg & dart blog

I’ve been planning during the quiet of naptime and dreaming in between. But today I am going against the rationalist that says I should have more prepared before I jump in this lake, that I should know where I’m headed. The little one has already woken from his nap and is telling himself stories in his crib. The minutes have ticked by and it’s getting so close to the end of the day. But I’m jumping in this lake. I’m throwing caution to the wind. Because today is the day that I walked into the marché and couldn’t help grinning at everyone. Today was that day, like at the turn of every season, that the newness on the farmer’s table makes my mind bubble with things I want to make, to taste! Today is the day the tomatoes came back.

(Just like the feeling of seeing that table brimming with the first signs of the new season, I am so excited to hit ‘publish’! I’ll be back soon with a little bit about what I’ve been up to.)




6 thoughts on “The Day the Tomatoes Came Back

  1. Oh how I miss the marché… But I had much the same reaction at Whole Foods last weekend, except it was rhubarb instead of tomatoes. And how exciting to see you return to the blog! I just got a huge nudge to take mine up again too and have been pondering what to post–maybe I should follow your example and just jump into the pond. Here’s to spring and starting over fresh!

    • Oh rhubarb!! Can’t wait for that, although I wish more farmers in France grew the varieties with lots of ruby red on the stalk. Most of what I can get cooks up a muddy green (just as delicious though 😉 )
      Would love to read if you decide to jump back in the pond! Cheers to spring! xo

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