A Letter with Thanks

French Post Box | egg & dart

I’ve been thinking about this post for over a month. I just have to come to terms with the fact that I will never know where to start. So, I’ll just start.

Where have I been. By far, this has felt like the busiest year of my adult life yet. We have worked hard. We have been to Berlin, Maine, New York, New Hampshire, Boston and several regions around France. We’ve traveled to two weddings. We’ve each seen a parent through a hip replacement. We have moved (and are still digging out of boxes, five months later) and bought our first car together. But the biggest change, which slowed me down for months and made me wonder how anyone could enjoy thinking about food (and that is saying something coming from me, I think you’ll agree), has been these:

baby feet | egg & dart

Those little toes will be stealing the show come early January, and if current activity levels are any indication, they will hit the ground running! The first trimester was full of nausea and traveling. Not the best combination. But I’ve been lucky to have a very easy pregnancy so far. Weather these thumpers belong to a little fille (girl) or garçon (boy) will be a surprise for us and it hasn’t been hard to wait because, my, but nine months goes in the blink of an eye! It seems somehow appropriate that I’ve finally managed this post Thanksgiving week because we are so, so thankful for this little one. We really can’t seem to wrap our minds around it, even now.

So we’ve been going full tilt to get this new apartment ready because I have a feeling that come January I won’t want to be digging through a box trying to find item X. In fact, I don’t want to be doing that now, either, but as this apartment came without one inch of storage (not even in the kitchen!), we’ve had to invest time and clever solutions as well as a tight budget into making it as functional as possible. It’s been much too hectic but I’m starting to feel like we may just succeed! So I’m looking forward to sharing the transformation of this new home on the blog along with getting back to sharing food stories too!

I’ve been keeping up over on instagram if you want to check out peeks over there but for now I’ll leave you with some pictures of our year and a thanks. Thank you for reading, for coming back when I couldn’t get my brain to be in this space, thank you. And, please, say hi and tell me how you are? How has your year been?

     Summer in France | egg & dart

Summer in France | egg & dart

Summer in France | egg & dart

Summer in France | egg & dart

Berlin | egg & dart

Berlin | egg & dart

And a happiest of Thanksgivings to everyone celebrating!




14 thoughts on “A Letter with Thanks

    • Mary Delcourt says:

      Hi Abbalgirl and Romain!!! Such a great newsletter from France…glad to hear all is well with you “3”!!! The pic’s are wonderful and nice for us all to see what we would not see with out your pic’s…busy here as usual but all is well..looking forward to January ???, Happy Thanksgiving….
      love to you both…Mel and Mary

      • Hi Mel and Mary!! Thanks for the warm wishes 🙂 Looking forward to January but I’m trying to savor everyday I can. If it’s lightning speed now, I can’t imagine next year!! Lots of love!

    • Oh my goodness, that is so sweet! Thank you for thinking so! I’ll miss you all at Thanksgiving 😦 I hear the boys are on chauffeur duty 🙂 Love them and all of you!!

  1. Sharon Rieder says:

    Hello you two……what wonderful memories you must have of your past year! Abby, your Mom finally copied off the internet a picture of you and I will be sharing it with the girls this Thanksgiving. We are all anxiously awaiting your little one. Hope it all goes smoothly. Thus starts another chapter in your lives. Treasure it, as life goes so quickly…it just seems like yesterday all of you girls were so smal!

    • Hello! It’s very true it goes so quickly, R. and I look at each other often and wonder how we are allowed to do this, aren’t we just kids ourselves? 🙂 I hope Mom picked a good picture! 🙂 Love to everyone!

  2. I can always find time in a busy day for a new post. So thankful to hear lil’ thumper is well and kicking. So much to be thankful for in this beautiful world. Love to you three (+feline)!

  3. I have missed your beautiful photos! I can totally relate, I went through something similar this summer and didn’t even know where to begin writing about it, then I realized any update is better than no update, right? Congratulations on your news and Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. Today of all days I decided to check on my people……….life has been on the hectic side here and I thought I would not be blogging again………no time. But, something pulled me to your page and what wonderful news you had to share….so very happy for you. Wishing you the best , I don’t even know about instagram so I will be checking to see if there are any photos in the future……if not maybe Sarah can show me what I’m missing

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