Night Au Musée, Paris

Snowy Night Au Musée

Snowy Paris - The Louvre | egg & dart

A leisurely visit to the Louvre last Friday night melted into a snowy trip home. When it snows in Paris, all the buses stop no matter how much snow there actually is. So I was a disappointed that we wouldn’t get to have a little tour of the city blanketed in some flurries. But I did take advantage of the slightly sticky snow before leaving the Louvre.

This visit we spent our time meandering around two special exhibits that couldn’t be photographed but to get there we passed through a hall we’ve never really visited before, a hall full of Greek and Roman bronze pieces. We didn’t have a lot of time to explore it but it will definitely be one of the next collections to explore.

Bronze at the Louvre | egg & dart

Gold Crown at the Louvre | egg & dart

Bronze at the Louvre | egg & dart

Snowy Paris | egg & dart

Louvre, Paris | egg & dart




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