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Will it come as any surprise that the girl who has a picture of every Thanksgiving turkey her family ever cooked (I’d like to name my mother as my co-conspirator on that one) is also loving instagram. Probably not. These are some of the recent images I’ve posted, you can check them out here but you have to tell me if you are on instagram too!:


Here is some of what I’ve been loving this week:

1. Did you watch Murder She Wrote with your parents when you were growing up, too? I did. And I’m not sure why I’ve only discovered it now but I’ve been loving Midsomer Murders which kind of feels like the same spirit. Plus, the genius theme song gets stuck in my head for days.

2. Reasons not to read Damn You Auto Correct! while eating lunch include this all-time favorite which will probably make you choke on that sandwich from laughing so hard.

3. I’ve been wanting to read this book since I heard the review on NPR but came up empty handed after checking the English language bookshops in Paris. I ended up ordering it and couldn’t wait for it to arrive. It came the other day and, while I’m only on page 75, I’m so anxious to keep reading. Like when you were a kid and you would sneak a page in every spare moment you could find. I mean, the first sentence is, “Every house has a story to tell and, over time, will make whoever lives there a character.” Come on! I’ll admit that memories of our trip to Santa Fe and the southwest this past spring played a part in winning me over, too. Has anyone read Jo Ann Mapson‘s work?

4. This Radiolab podcast is  fascinating and thought provoking. Yes, it is about dying. But it’s just about 20 minutes long and will possibly start to change all your ideas about medical care and end of life. It’s not depressing or gloomy, I promise. But we dream about and plan all the special moments of our lives, shouldn’t we give a little thought to this one too?

5. I really love E’s take (inspired by Kate) on resolutions and plans for the new year and want to take some time to think of goals for myself that I could start with in February. Isn’t having a month to dedicate to one goal, one thought, a great idea?

happy Friday!




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