Noël has arrived

Sapin de Noël | egg & dart

I’ve just finished the big work project that has been keeping me away from this space and I’m so glad! I’ve missed being here but I worked hard an keeping my head down and my fingers flying across the keyboard to get to the light at the end of the tunnel before the holidays. And they are arriving (as always, non?) so quickly!

I got my wish for the weekend and we have  our sweet little sapin de Noël. Here it is just after we got everything on an the little candles lit. We love it so much. I really wanted to do a considered color palette for decorations this year and I convinced R. to stick to the whites, greens, metallics, and natural tones from our ornaments and we both love the simplicity of it. Some red sneaked in in the form of absolute favorite pieces but I don’t mind at all.  Oh! And that great weathered terra cotta pot we used as a base? I grabbed at off the sidewalk just the weekend before when we were walking home from dinner one night. I was so happy to get it in the light and see how beautiful it was! Perfect and rustic.

So here’s a little peek into the holiday at our home this year.

Noël | egg & dart

Noël | egg & dart

Noël | egg & dart

Noël | egg & dart

Noël | egg & dart

Noël | egg & dart

Noël | egg & dart

This little ceramic kitten was made in Acoma and is one of the treasures we brought back from our honeymoon earlier in the year. We found it at Susan’s Christmas Shop in Santa Fe which is a great little shop.

Noël | egg & dart

Off to run around in the cold Paris drizzle. I’m glad to be back. Have a wonderful weekend!




8 thoughts on “Noël has arrived

    • Thank you, Angelica! It’s new for me to try a palette but, especially in such a small apartment, I love it! The kitten was a great find and I have dreams of our future kids hoepfully treasuring it like we do 🙂

      • I too have a small apartment and decided on a specific colour palette – the earthy bronzes, golds and reds of autumn. I’m really excited about going to the Christmas markets when I’m over in the UK next week and finding some unique handmade decorations 🙂

  1. Beautiful, beautiful! I love real candles on a tree! I have a German aunt who always did that, and as I kid I thought it was the most magical and romantic thing that I had ever seen! I also love that very pretty Christmas card. Sending you guys warm wishes for a Joyeux Noël!

  2. Jeanne Danilczuk says:

    Hello! I am a Francophile from NH and a neighbor of your Aunt Sandy. I’m so glad she guided me to this site. I adore your tree and your beautiful decorations, I plan on copying them in my home, except for the real candles – I love them but condo rules prevail. I’ve been to Paris 4 times, Provence once and bought the book “Living Abroad in France” in hopes of someday retiring there. (My maiden name is Pinault-maybe I have a rich cousin there) I love your blog, it keeps me in touch. Joyeux Noel!

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