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Weekend Down and Christmas Dreams

This past weekend didn’t look much like our usual weekends at home. The poor Frenchman came home feeling sick Friday evening and I forced him to stay in bed all weekend. He’s taken the day to recover today, too, but to do that in France you need a note from your doctor saying you are sick which requires going to the doctor’s office.  I was shocked the first time I learned about this rule, the last time I needed a note from anyone to be sick was when I was in high school. There are a number of reasons I don’t love that system but I had to laugh when R. came back from the doctor’s today and told me the doctor said it was most likely a ‘gastro’. No matter what you actually have, I feel like the doctors always write you a note for the ‘gastro’ in France. So there’s a funny little “bet you didn’t know that about life in France” tidbit for today.

Needless to say I never got to the marché on Sunday. We both had a rough night Saturday because of a sudden fever R. had. It left us a little shaken and I had trouble getting back to sleep. To relax back into sweet dreams, I starting thinking of Christmas in New York which seems to be on my mind this year. I don’t know why but it’s making me feel so festive dreaming about it and it worked, I went back to sleep, and now I’m ready for my favorite season! So this morning I just wanted to keep dreaming a little and pull together some things from my Christmas reverie.

2012 Holiday

1. Ali Black Pave Bangle

2. Voluspa Moso Bamboo Candle

3. Mercury Glass Votives

4. Dahlia Shoes in Berry

5. Jazzy Wonderland album

6. Metallic Faux Knit Pillow

7. Christmas Tea

8. Mini Wreath Gift Tags


Dreaming on a Monday. What did you daydream about this weeked?




One thought on “Weekend Down and Christmas Dreams

  1. dcexplores says:

    I dreamed about what my strategy was going to be for Black Friday!! I’m a little disappointed at what’s on sale though nothing really popped out at me so instead of looking for gifts for me I switched gears and am now looking for gifts for others. 🙂

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