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Marché Photo of the Week


Between colds and travel and rain it feels like ages since I got to the marché on Sunday! Sometimes I can do a quick trip to another on Wednesdays on my way back from a morning appointment but it’s definitely not the same and I miss the atmosphere of our favorite Sunday spot. This week I headed out on my own as R. had some work to do and look the long way home (I spy egg & dart on that column!) with full bags of fresh goods on my back because the sun was glorious. Here’s what I came back with:



(tart, crisp, pineapple-y) apples (!)



rustic bread

boule d’or turnips

tallegio cheese


fresh sage








baby salad

And here’s where some of those wonders will go:

Coppa, Apple, and Cheddar Tartines* – Autumn Panzanella – Turnip and Pancetta Ravioli with Crispy Sage –  Chard, Pear, & Gruyère Tart


I always use the lazy weekend mornings to plan the week’s menu; I’m not good at planning on the fly every day of the week or running through the grocery store with no list. Besides not having to worry about it each evening, I love looking forward to the meal planned for the end of the day when we slow down (in theory) and find each other again at the dinner table. What are your plans for the week? I’d love to ‘peek’ in at your week’s menu!




2 thoughts on “Marché Photo of the Week

  1. I’m impressed with your organized weekly menu planning! I’m more of a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants type of cook. For example, tonight we’re having borscht made from some beets I found in the bottom of the fridge after several (four?) weeks — and still amazingly fresh. I think I now know why they were so popular in frigid Russia…

    • Funny, I unearthed some forgotten (and still tasty!) beets in my fridge this week, too! I’ll have to write about my menu planning some day because I always feel like I got really lucky to hit on something that worked for me at the beginning of my living on my own and now I can’t do it any other way! In fact, I’m envious of your ability to “fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants” because I tend to freeze up lots of times in that situation!

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