Weekend Fireworks


We lucky ducks get a short week over here in France! Thursday, being All Saints Day, is a national holiday and that means a four day weekend since many companies offer the ‘pont‘ (bridge) and give their employees Friday as well. So with the short week, a lazy Saturday meant to banish the last of R.’s cold, and R.’s mother visiting on Sunday afternoon, we didn’t go to the market this past weekend. But oh look what a treat we were brought from my mother-in-law’s garden! Cosmos, garden roses, and dahlias so vibrant they always remind me of fireworks.  I’ll be back tomorrow with a very easy recipe but until then I’ll be stealing glances at the sunshine on the table. How was your weekend? I’m thinking about all of you on the East Coast sans arret.




3 thoughts on “Weekend Fireworks

  1. Donna Hoge says:

    What beautiful flowers! A pleasant sight after yesterday’s wild visit from Hurricane Sandy as she whistled up the NH Seacoast after raising havoc all along ithe East Coast.

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