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Kale’s French Debut – The Kale Project

Last night we went to the center of Paris for kale. You see, one of the unexpected consequences of being an ex-pat is missing some of our favorite foods from home. Yes, even in this city, a culinary capital. And I’m not just talking about peanut butter and M&M’s with no peanuts, although those are missed too. For me it means fresh corn and rainbow swiss chard, butternut and acorn squashes, cranberries and even tomatillos. Surprising, isn’t it? Well, having been in Paris just one year, Kristen felt the same way about kale and decided to do something about it. She launched The Kale Project and has been working with farmers, distributors, and restaurants to bring kale into the French culinary vernacular. And why shouldn’t it be? France loves cabbage, kale is a close cousin.

So that’s why, last night, we went to the Verjus Wine Bar nestled next to the Palais Royal garden and theater in the 1st arrondisment and celebrated kale coming to France. Verjus created a tasting menu of delicate dishes incorporating kale in each. I admit, we devoured our two little dishes too quickly to capture pictures of them, but here’s a taste of the evening.

happy weekend!




5 thoughts on “Kale’s French Debut – The Kale Project

  1. Haha. What a wonderful event. I can’t imagine my life without kale. So great to hear someone’s standing up for kale. Thanks for sharing Abigail. Give Albert some love for me…and Romain, I guess.

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