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Marché Photo of the Week

Everyone was so happy at the marché this weekend! One of those visits when you think “This is why I love coming to this marché.” You see, we don’t go to the easiest market to get to. There is one just a block up the boulevard and another just past the grocery store that both stretch on for ages. And they are fine but we once went to the marché just on the other side of the périphérique, the boundary between Paris and suburb which, after all, is very close to your apartment, and it hooked us. There we found our vegetable guy who is the farmer himself. There is my herb lady who always has the best herbs and micro and baby greens and the other farmer who has the heirloom varieties and the different colors of carrots, radishes, and tomatoes. The Italian stand with the pancetta with bits of peppercorn throughout and the baker and family with the best bread we have found in the whole city. Now we go every weekend we can and always come home saying how strange it is to go 10 minutes and be in what feels like a smaller village, not Paris. Here’s what we got this week:

– Cresson de Terre (Perhaps American or Land Cress in English? Anyone know?)

– Unpasteurized Buffalo Mozzerella

– Beets

– Celery

– Little Yellow Onions

– Cucumber

– Zucchini

– Eggplant

– Campari Tomatoes

– Sage

– Red and Green Sweet Peppers

– ‘Master’ Bread

– Thyme

– Felino Sausage

– Mint

And here are some of the dishes all that will go into:

Eggplant & Tomato Tartines with Mozzarella – Lieu sur Lit de Cresson – Roasted Root Vegetable Salad with Manchago & Herbed Croutons


The weekend was as beautiful as the weather people predicted and we tried to take advantage of Paris Design Week and Les Journées du Patrimoine as much as we could. I loved these colorful ladies we found on a back wall near Arts et Métiers.

How was your weekend? And what is on your menu this week?




10 thoughts on “Marché Photo of the Week

  1. Marija says:

    Hi Abby,

    What else do you do with beets besides roasted vegetable salad? I got a bunch in my CSA this week and am sort of beeted out. Looking for new ideas….

    • Oooo ideas! Well, of course there is always the option of a velvety pureed soup (how about beets, carrots, and apples cooked with some cumin and served with yogurt and toasted hazelnuts on top?) but you could also try pickling them (this caught my eye: I’ve made a beet hummus which is wonderful (a mix of cooked beet and chickpeas) and a carpaccio of beets that have been poached in malt vinegar and brown sugar and served with fried feta and mint and tarragon (from Donna Hay). One more thing that I haven’t made but have eaten and loved was a Moroccan salad of poached cubed beets with cinnamon. Seriously cinnamon is a beet’s very good friend! Well, you got me started ;p Any ideas there that sounds exciting? Let me know if you need more info on something I mentioned!

      • Marija says:

        Thanks! This gets the ideas flowing. I roasted my beets tonight and ate some on a salad with vinaigrette. I’m not crazy about pickled beets, but the beet hummus sounds interesting. And I have cooked chickpeas in the fridge. I think I’ll try that tomorrow night.


  2. Marija says:

    I do have a microwave, and I also have a dehydrator. I dehydrated beets earlier in the season for use later on, in borscht. This Lithuanian girl does love her borscht in the winter! To eat them as chips on their own…. hmmmm. I’ll test one out.

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