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First Apples & Loving

The weather seems to be saving whatever it can of the end of summer for the weekends here. They have been warm and lovely and then the temperature dips during the week and you think that, ok, that’s it, autumn is truly here. But this weekend is supposed to be once again holding onto the the last bit of warm so we can wear those shorts and sundresses maybe one. more. time.  But you can’t mistake it. Last weekend, it gave me a start to see the first apples on one of the farmer’s tables. “Do you want some?” I asked Romain, who loves apples and almost doesn’t get sick of them after a winter of only that. “Ca va.” No, that’s ok. So we might have needed this week to get used to the idea of the changing season.

Goodbye summer, you were very short and rather temperamental here in Paris. In fact, except for a handful of days, we wonder if you were here at all.

Hello first apples.  Hello fall. I love you.


Here are some things I’ve been loving this week.

  • I have to start with Sarah. She is my cousin and the sister I didn’t have (but kind of did because I have her). So I love her every week. A senior at the University of New Hampshire and a Brian E. Doyle Fellow, this week her hard work for New England’s sea life landed her in the front page of the University’s site. Check it out! (And note the nail polish. Lobstering in style.) She’s done an amazing series of interviews with area fishermen that is not to be missed. Not only are these the people bringing you your food and we should know them and listen to them, but Sarah had to get up at 3 AM to be on those boats. That is dedication. Also, if you are in the seacoast area, stop by the NH Fish & Lobster Festival in Prescott Park September 22nd to meet her and hear from the fishermen.
  • These papercut scenes are so fresh and interesting! I love the mix of object, paper, food and the palettes are lovely. My favorite is probably Peter Pan because, well, there are mountains rising from meringue clouds and I’m not sure how you beat that.
  • This feels like the weekend and quiet thoughtful days and easy laughter. Everyday should be like that.
  • Aran never disappoints but her post about the workshop in Alaska was perfect timing for me. I’m craving untamed and lush wild landscapes right now. I feel like I could burst with creative ideas if I could get to one. But, for a couple minutes at least, her images will take you there (if you’re not already there you lucky duck).
  • I haven’t had the time just yet but I’m dying to do one of these. Yes, total food and history dork. I embrace it.


Just a quick note about a few updates. I’ve added two things to the sidebar there that you may find useful: a link to my flickr page and an email sign-up form to receive each fresh post in you inbox. Yay!

Ok, I’m looking forward to tomorrow when I plan on running around everywhere to see Paris Design Week and maybe even hit a brocante. So. Excited.

happy weekend,



4 thoughts on “First Apples & Loving

  1. Marija says:

    Great post and great photo. And thanks for sharing the NYPL menu site. I’m going to have to do one of those myself. Very cool! I actually get questions about just that sort of thing every once in a great while at the library.

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