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2nd First & Loving

Monday we celebrated our 2nd first wedding anniversary! You see, last year, we first celebrated our wedding in July in Maine but we didn’t want family to feel obliged to cross the ocean (and what better excuse for two parties?) so we had our French wedding August 20th, 2011 in Orléans. Now we get to celebrate twice a summer! This year we had dinner at the new bistro across the street.
Remember that “Loving” list I did a couple weeks ago last month? Here’s another!
Things I’m loving:
  • This album (especially “Mare” which starts around 4:00) and again this song (it was on repeat here when the film came out).
  • This wallpaper – oh my, it hurts. How I would love to have the space/money to put that up somewhere.
  • I made this jam and now small batch canning has made me want to preserve again. I don’t need 20 jars of jam but 3? Just right.
  • The new Ikea catalog came out in France and there are some interesting pieces and then this which made me gasp (and not for joy).

happy weekend!




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